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Getting Started with Alias

Alias is a dedicated authentication provider that allows you to authenticate your users, and contact them without using email. See the Alias website for more on what Alias can do, and why you should use it for your service.

This documentation covers the details of the Alias OAuth 2.0 provider and REST API.

Before you get started, it's recommended that you familiarise yourself with OAuth 2.0 in general, and OpenID Connect in particular.

Developer Accounts

You'll need a developer account to interact with Alias. This will enable you to create API clients.

First, sign up for a normal user account. Alias is currently in limited beta, so you'll then need to apply for beta access.

Undocumented Features

From time to time, both the OAuth 2.0 provider and REST API may have undocumented features. However, only features explicitly included in this documentation are supported and maintained. Undocumented features may be changed or removed at any point, without warning.


It is highly recommended that you do not rely on any undocumented features.